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Vol 39, No 2/4 (2011): Special Issue: Tartu Semiotics Juri Lotman in English: Bibliography Abstract   PDF
Kalevi Kull
Vol 42, No 4 (2014) Juri Lotman in English: Updates to bibliography Abstract   PDF
Kalevi Kull, Remo Gramigna
Vol 42, No 4 (2014) Juri Lotman’s autocommunication model and Roland Barthes’s representations of Self and Other Abstract   PDF
Lei Han
Vol 37, No 3/4 (2009): Special issue: Zoosemiotics Konrad Lorenz’s epistemological criticism towards Jakob von Uexküll Abstract   PDF
Carlo Brentani
Vol 43, No 1 (2015) Language and political reality: George Orwell reconsidered Abstract   PDF
Suren Zolyan
Vol 37, No 1/2 (2009) Language in social reproduction: Sociolinguistics and sociosemiotics Abstract   PDF
Patrizia Calefato
Vol 46, No 4 (2018): Special issue: Learning and adaptation: Semiotic perspectives Learning and adaptation from a semiotic perspective Abstract   PDF
Alin Olteanu, Andrew Stables
Vol 40, No 1/2 (2012): Special Issue: Semiotics of Verse Lexicon and rhetoric in Fet's translation of Goethe's Hermann und Dorothea Abstract   PDF
Emily Klenin
Vol 44, No 1/2 (2016): Special issue: Framing nature and culture Literature as a defining trait of the human umwelt: From and beyond Heidegger Abstract   PDF
Pierre-Louis Patoine, Jonathan Hope
Vol 44, No 3 (2016) Lotman and play: For a theory of playfulness based on semiotics of culture Abstract   PDF
Mattia Thibault
Vol 41, No 2/3 (2013) Lotman’s epistemology: Analogy, culture, world Abstract   PDF
Laura Gherlone
Vol 39, No 1 (2011) Lotman’s scientific investigatory boldness: The semiosphere as a critical theory of communication in culture Abstract   PDF
Irene Machado
Vol 41, No 4 (2013) Lotman’s tradition: Semiotics of culture from a Latin American perspective Abstract   PDF
Ariel Gómez Ponce
Vol 42, No 1 (2014) Lotmanian explosion: From peripheral space to dislocated time Abstract   PDF
Soo Hwan Kim
Vol 41, No 4 (2013) Man, nature, and semiotic modelling or How to create forests and backyards with language Abstract   PDF
Prisca Augustyn
Vol 39, No 2/4 (2011): Special Issue: Tartu Semiotics Mapping the child’s world: The cognitive and cultural function of proper names in the book series Paula’s Life Abstract   PDF
Mari Niitra
Vol 40, No 1/2 (2012): Special Issue: Semiotics of Verse Maximilian Voloshin's classical metres Abstract   PDF
Igor Karlovsky
Vol 42, No 1 (2014) Meaning and meaning fields: A non-dualist approach by Martin Staude Abstract   PDF
Peeter Tinits
Vol 38, No 1/4 (2010): Special Issue: Semiotics of Resemblance Metaphorical analogies in approaches of Victor Turner and Erving Goffman: Dramaturgy in social interaction and dramas of social life Abstract   PDF
Ester Võsu
Vol 45, No 1/2 (2017): Special issue: A. J. Greimas – a life in semiotics Methodological issues and prospects of semiotics of humour Abstract   PDF
Dmitrij Gluscevskij
Vol 40, No 1/2 (2012): Special Issue: Semiotics of Verse Metre and meaning in two poems by Ilpo Tiihonen Abstract   PDF
Satu Grünthal
Vol 41, No 4 (2013) Mixing signs and bones: John Deely’s case for global semiosis Abstract   PDF
Petre Petrov
Vol 41, No 1 (2013) Modelling, dialogism and the functional cycle: biosemiotic and philosophical insights Abstract   PDF
Susan Petrilli, Augusto Ponzio
Vol 37, No 3/4 (2009): Special issue: Zoosemiotics Monsters we met, monsters we made: On the parallel emergence of phenotypic similarity under domestication Abstract   PDF
Karel Kleisner, Marco Stella
Vol 41, No 2/3 (2013) Montage in Russian Imaginism: Poetry, theatre and theory Abstract   PDF
Tomi Huttunen
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