Vol 47, No 1/2 (2019)

Special issue: Approaches in Tartu Semiotics

Table of Contents

From systematic semiotic modelling to pseudointentional reference PDF
Anti Randviir 8-68
Funktionskreis and the stratificational model of semiotic structures: Jakob von Uexküll, Luis Prieto and Louis Hjelmslev PDF
E. Israel Chávez Barreto 69-87
Steps towards the natural meronomy and taxonomy of semiosis: Emotin between index and symbol? PDF
Kalevi Kull 88-104
Biopolitical subjectification PDF
Ott Puumeister 105-125
Semiotics of threats: Discourse on the vulnerability of the Estonian identity card PDF
Andreas Ventsel, Mari-Liis Madisson 126-151
Culture as education: From transmediality to transdisciplinary pedagogy PDF
Maarja Ojamaa, Peeter Torop, Alexandr Fadeev, Alexandra Milyakina, Tatjana Pilipovec, Merit Rickberg 152-176
On the concept of the deceptive trailer: Trailer as paratext and multimodal model of film PDF
Martin Oja 177-204
Darwin’s antithesis revisited – a zoosemiotic perspective on expressing emotions in animals and animal cartoon characters PDF
Jason Mario Dydynski, Nelly Mäekivi 205-233
Urban trees as social triggers: The case of the Ginkgo biloba specimen in Tallinn, Estonia PDF
Riin Magnus, Heldur Sander 234-256
Vygotsky’s natural history of signs PDF
Lauri Linask 257-304
Jakob Linzbach on his life and work PDF
Sébastien Moret 305-334
On the semiotic aspects of visual arts PDF
Yurij Lekomtsev 335-343